Once you have downloaded our program, you should fully login to your Windows 7 machine and run the standalone executable file as an administrator. Once you have done this, you should be presented with a program that looks like this:

You should now ensure that you have your new custom image ready to use, but there are a few things you need to consider first; the image must be in JPG format and must not be any longer than 256kb in total size, if you do not follow these Microsoft standards, the lock screen will remain at its own default and not change.

Once you are happy that you have your custom image in the correct format and total size, click the Import Image button on the toolbar:

You can then browse your own computer for the custom JPG file that you want to import into the utility.

Once you have chosen your custom JPG, you should see that the status information bar has changed to "Status: Image Imported Successfully":

You can then click the Preview Image button on the toolbar to show your imported image to ensure that you have selected the correct image that you want to use:

Once you are happy with your selection, then you can now click the Apply Image button on the toolbar and this will complete the lock screen change:

You will notice that the status information bar is now telling you to reboot your machine, you should do this immediately.

Once you have rebooted your machine, you should now find that your Windows Lock Screen has changed to the image that you wanted!