What if I do not have any custom images?

Your first port of call for custom Windows lock screens should always be Google, however, there are a numbe of custom Windows lock screens created by our own graphic designers available in the Pro version.

What if I have Windows 8 or Windows 10?

Do not use this program! this program is for Windows 7 only and will not work with Windows 8. However, do not worry as we are in the process of writing a Windows 8 Screen Lock Changer and this should be released very soon so keep checking back on this website for more details.

What if I have Windows XP?

Buy a new computer! Windows XP expires support in April 2014!

It did not work for me?

Before complaining that the utility does not work - ensure that you have checked the following:
  • Image is in JPG/JPEG format
  • You are using a Windows 7 machine
  • Your image is not bigger than 256kb in total size
  • You are not using either a tiny or huge resolution image